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Taking notes in class facilitates comprehension of information and promotes learning retention, hence the importance of developing effective strategies for proper note-taking. If you feel you could use a little help getting the most out of this study tool, The Tutoring Center, Golden, CO, has some valuable tips for effective note-taking.

How to Take Notes in Class Effectively

  1. First of all, it's important that you choose the type of device you want to use to write your notes. For example, if you wish to go paperless and store your class notes in digital format, use a laptop or tablet; similarly, you can use your notebook, pens, and pencils if you prefer to take your notes by hand. The most important thing is choosing the best device that suits your needs.
  2. If you decide to take notes with your tablet or laptop, remember that the main disadvantage of using these devices in class is that they can easily distract you. Therefore, make sure you put your device on airplane mode or turn off your social media notifications to avoid distractions.
  3. A common mistake is transcribing the lectures word by word when taking notes. As you can imagine, making a literal transcription of your lectures isn't the most effective method to achieve a deep understanding of the information; therefore, choose to do just the opposite, that is, rephrase the information and write it down in your own words.
  4. When taking notes, be sure to highlight any important facts, concepts, or ideas; this will make it easier to study and review those notes for your exams later on.
  5. Finally, be sure to review and complement your notes with new information from your books or other teaching materials, observations, reflections, and questions you have about the topic. Enriching your notes in this way will help you better understand the subject and study effectively.

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